Special Offers

From time to time we have special offers due to over stock of products, or if we see a deal on a product we like to pass this on to our customers so we can give you better prices

20% off First Order
*Offer Ends 30th June 2022*

To help businesses with the ongoing pandemic
and getting their businesses back up and running from lockdown , we are giving all new customers 20% discount off first orders on all of our products and services.

20% offer ends 30th June 2021

Correx Board Signage

Correx board signage on various sizes, ideal for temporary signs such as one off event information. Prices start from 50p

correx board.jpg
special offer logo.png

3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl

3D carbon fibre vinyl, 500mm max width, waterproof and
ideal for outside aswell as interior use. Product of Indonesia so it is in very limited quantities.

3D Vinyl.png
special offer logo.png